Mail History Documentation


By default, mails are saved but not visible to end users. In order to make them visible you will need to grant the project-level permission:

  1. open the Jira administration and select a permission scheme

  2. grant the “Mail History” permission to a project role / group / user

Using the plugin

The plugin adds a new issue tab panel that shows you all outgoing emails:

Allows you to view the contents of a message

Data Retention

In order to comply with data protection regulations, we do not store the mail history forever. The mails are removed:

  • if the linked issue is deleted

  • they are seven years old

The retention period can be configured in monthly steps by Jira administrators. To configure the period you need to make a PUT request to the url shown below with a json request body with only “months” as parameter. The default value for the retention period is 84 months which equals 7 years.

Configuration Url:


Example request body:

{ "months":84 }

Configuring the retention period with cURL:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -u {username}:{password} -d "{\"months\":84}" -X PUT {baseUrl}/rest/mailhistory/1.0/retentionperiod


Why are there no images rendered?

We don’t render images for security reasons. Images are frequently used to track if a person has read a message since the sender of the message knows if you opened the image. Mail History behaves in the same way as most email clients.