Zone Field

What are Zone Fields?

There are different ways to describe what a Zone Field is and how it works.

A Zone Field is a JIRA Customfield

The Zone Field is a JIRA Custom Field. Therefore it can be used like any other Custom Field on JIRA Screens, in Workflows, Filters and many more. More specifically a Zone Field is a group custom field, and therefore can also be used in Notification- , Permission-  and  Issue Security Schemes.

A Zone Field provides access to Zones of a common type

The name of the Zone Field may be something like: "Customer", "Tenant", "Product" or "Team". This is also the type of Zones in the Field. If you want to partition your JIRA for your Customers you will want to have the Zone name contain the customers name and the Zone Field name to be something like "Customer or "Tenant. If you want to partition your JIRA for different type of Zones you will want to create multiple Zone Fields.

A Zone Field displays the member Zones in a Select Box

When viewed on Screens as part of a workflow or the create or edit screen as defined by a Screen Scheme  the Zone Field is displayed as a Select Box to the user.

A Zone Field controls the values of Dependent Zone Fields

The celix Zones AddOn provides additional Customfields, which change their values depending on the zone currently selected in the Zone Field. For example you can search via auto-complete for users which are members of the zone currently selected.

A Zone Field may show different Zones in different Projects

It is possible to configure which Zones are enabled in a particular JIRA Project. The Zone Field will only show enabled Zones, depending on the issue's project.

A Zone Field can display only the Zones the current user is a member of, or all Zones to authorized Users

It is possible to allow users to only view Zones in Zone Field, which they are member of.  You can manage this restriction of the Zone field based on JIRA Project Roles.

A Zone Field may only be edited by Users in specific Project Roles

You can specify if you want the Zone Field to be editable after the Zone is selected manually or automatically on issue creation. You can manage the right to edit the Zone field based on JIRA Project Roles.