Basic Configuration

Best Practice Basic Configuration Order


We assume that you already have:

  • Installed the celix Zones Plugin into JIRA
  • Acquired and installed a license for the celix Zones Plugin (evaluation or commercial)
  • Access to a user with Administration Privileges in JIRA
  • Created a concept/plan on how to use the celix Zones Plugin (see the Zones Use Case and Concept Guide)

Configuration Order

You need to be logged in as an Administrator at all time during this guide.

  1. Create one or more Zone Fields
  2. Configure Edit and Selectable Zones Permissions for Zones
  3. Create Zones and add Users
  4. Configure Zone Role to Project Role Mapping (optional, depends on usage concept)
  5. Configure Issue Security for Usage with Zones (optional, depends on usage concept)
  6. Create Dependent Zone Fields (optional, depends on usage concept)
  7. Enable Zones for one or more JIRA Projects